Our investment solutions receive the climate-label


From the 10th of March onwards all assets managers have been obliged to disclose the sustainability of their investment products. The labeling is all part of the EU's political ambition to significantly reduce the CO2 footprint.

Investment products are in this new taxonomy divided into three categories in accordance with the so-called Disclosure regulations: Article 6 (standard), Article 8 (light green), which promotes environmental and/or social matters and Article 9 (dark green), which has sustainable investments as its purpose.

At Jyske Capital, we have a strong ambition about making sustainable investment as easily accessible and transparent as possible. To this end, our Head of Clients, Flemming Larsen, welcomes the new labeling scheme: “For a vast number of years, we have worked closely with our clients to integrate sustainability into our solutions. To the extent that the EU-labeling helps make it easier for investors to make sustainable choices, it is a positive.”

At Jyske SICAV, the SRI-funds are marked as Article 8, with all other products so far labeled as Article 6.