We are at work


We are at work!

Global stock markets are currently sailing around unknown waters, in response to the escalating covid-19 virus outbreak that has led to massive price movements and created great uncertainty about future economic growth.

Uncertainty is attributed to a changed behavior among consumers and companies, with fluctuations in stock markets being higher than usual. Despite the fact that the market sentiment has shifted from euphoric to fearful in a short period of time, it does not mean that the stock market is "tied up". On the contrary. Historically, we know that a low market sentiment has equated to attractive long-term returns. We also know that the greatest daily losses and gains are found in these "fearful periods".

Therefore, it is important to keep your head cold and maintain focus on the long-term investment strategy. Our absolute focus right now is to navigate as safely as possible through the very troubled waters, within the agreed framework.

There are no precedents for Covid 19, to which we can draw historical parallels. We are at work and are operational. It is a special situation where we will do everything possible to solve all operational challenges as well as manage our portfolios in the best possible way through a difficult situation.

We will prioritize communicating as much as possible with our customers about the development.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your advisor by mail or phone.

Stay healthy and help each other,

Henning Mortensen Senior Director, Head of Jyske Capital

Flemming Larsen Senior Director, Head of Clients