Jyske SICAV High Yield Corporate Bonds goes SRI


SRI should not be daunting. We have a strong ambition about making it as straight forward to invest sustainably as possible. In this vein we are expanding the Jyske SICAV family of funds with Jyske SICAV High Yield Corporate Bonds SRI.


The new addition adapts the tried and tested investment profile of Jyske SICAV High Yield Corporate Bonds to a dedicated SRI fund. In addition to ESG integration, norm-based screening and active ownership the strategy steps things up a notch by deselecting companies with activities in the fields of weapons, alcohol and other could be controversial activities. The outline of the fund is identical to that of Jyske SICAV Investment Grade Corporate Bonds (SRI) and a number of similar strategies on the Danish market.


According to Flemming Larsen, Head of Clients at Jyske Capital, the decision to go SRI echoes the strong market sentiment towards sustainability:

“For a vast number of years, we have managed strategies with a focus on ESG and sustainability while demand for this type of investment vehicles has been surging. It makes perfect sense for us to draw on our experience and provide our clients with an easy way to invest sustainably in our successful corporate bonds strategy.”