Jyske Capital at the Fonds Professionell Kongress 2020


At the end of the month, we will be present at one of the most important events in the European financial calendar - the Fonds Professionell Kongress in Mannheim, Germany - visit us at stand no. 150.


In this turbulent market environment, defensive building blocks in the portfolios are of great importance. This is why solutions with low-fluctuating equities are the key theme for us during the congress. Various studies have indicated a market anomaly, which proves that these values not only assert themselves in difficult market environments, but also offer long-term added values compared to the broad equity markets.


Date: Wednesday, 29.01.2020

Time: 17:20
Auditorium: auditorium 8

Referent: Claus Grøn Therp, Senior Portfolio Manager, Equities, Jyske Bank


The Jyske Equities Low Volatility Fund is available in the following share classes:


Fund Facts

Jyske Invest Equities Low Volatility

Jyske SICAV Equities Low Volatility, USD IC

Jyske SICAV Equities Low Volatility, EURRC





Issue Date of Fund




Management Fee

1.400 %

0.625 %

1.250 %



We hope to see you there!