Responsible investments

Our approach

Jyske Capital is continuously incorporating responsibility into investment decisions. This includes the environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects of investment. Jyske Capital has a systematic approach to ESG and corporate social responsibility - including adoption of the principles for responsible investment under UN PRI and UN Global Compact. We find that responsible investment contributes to generating an attractive risk-adjusted return for our clients. Partly because the approach contributes to effective management of the risk, partly because it potentially contributes to releasing value potential in the companies in which Jyske Capital is an active owner.

International legislation

Jyske Capital complies with legislation in the investment area, e.g. the Ottawa Treaty and The Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM) and we never invest in government bonds issued by countries sanctioned by the EU and the UN. A similar approach is used for sanctioned companies and individuals.

Please visit the corporate website of Jyske Bank A/S for information on:

  • Policy on responsible and sustainable investment in the Jyske Bank Group
  • Handling of principal adverse impact on sustainable factors

Partners and external managers

Jyske Capital cooperates with Sustainalytics, which is one of the leading international service providers in the area. The portfolios are screened every six months to identify companies and countries that are in contravention of international standards. The reporting is followed by active ownership and dialogue with companies with ESG challenges. Active ownership is further practiced via forums with other investors like DANSIF, an impartial forum for financial actors with activities in Denmark.

In the selection and regular follow-up with external managers Jyske Capital assess the managers' policy for responsible investment, the implementation of this, and we demand reporting and dialogue. An internal committee, which includes top management, oversees all topics relating to ESG.

Tailored investment solutions

We are continuously aware of guidelines and instructions for responsible investment. Nevertheless, we do not wish to be bound by certain conventions that are not part of applicable legislation. In accordance with statutory provisions, Jyske Capital wants to be at liberty to assess which companies, industries and countries we invest in. For clients with specific or extensive criteria in relation to responsible investment, Jyske Capital offer tailored investment solutions.

Strategies focusing on ethics