Solid investment competences - now with focus on ethics

Jyske Capital now offers high yield corporate bonds with focus on ethics. The strategy is controlled by our experienced portfolio managers and invests in a portfolio of high yield corporate bonds. It uses the same investment process as the High Yield Corporate Bonds strategy, but without investing in companies with activities within tobacco, weapons, alcohol, adult entertainment, gambling and fossil fuels.

Screening process

A number of our clients have asked for exposure to corporate bonds focusing on the issuers' ESG profile, and therefore we have chosen to offer corporate bonds focusing on ethics. The screening process, which avoids companies with challenges in relation to international conventions and specific activities, was developed in cooperation with our clients. It is our responsibility to offer attractive risk-adjusted returns under the restrictions defined. We are able to do so thanks to our experience of many years developing flexible special solutions, for instance, within responsible investment.

In the ESG area, Jyske Capital cooperates with Sustainalytics, which is one of the leading international service providers in the area. Sustainalytics conducts systematic screenings of companies on the basis of international conventions and guidelines (including UN Global Compact) and acts, for instance, as our sparring partner in specific cases.

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