Investment strategies focusing on ethics

Strategies on corporate bonds and global equities

Jyske Capital offers three strategies focusing on ethics. All strategies are managed by our experienced portfolio managers and invests in high-yield corporate bonds, investment grade corporate bonds and a global equity portfolio.

The strategies on corporate bonds invests in a portfolio of corporate bonds issued by companies subject to specific restrictions – with the objective of the portfolio management to generate a return over time which is at least in line with the market development measured by a comparable benchmark return. The equities strategy invests in a global equity portfolio subject to specific restrictions comprising companies diversified across regions, countries and sectors. The objective of the strategy is to generate a return over time at least matching the development in the global equity markets.

No fossil fuels

The strategies do not invest in companies that conduct exploration, extraction and refinery of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) unless such activities account for less than 5% of the company's revenue. Nor do the strategies invest in utility companies of which more than 5% of production is based on fossil fuels. Likewise, no investment is made in companies whose primary activity is the delivery of equipment and services to companies involved in fossil fuels where fossil fuels account for more than 50% of their revenue.

Further screenings

In addition, a controversial screening is carried out to ensure that the strategies do not invest in companies that produce or distribute weapons, alcohol, tobacco, games or adult entertainment. Companies with such activities accounting for up to 5% of revenue can be included in the strategies. Moreover, reservations are made for lack of identification if the proportion of the production amounts to less than 1% of sales.

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